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bungalo.is rank by Alexa is 1,858,480. bungalo.is is estimated to have average of 60 unique users every day. bungalo.is has 192 pageviews every day and it makes about $1.03 USD daily. WebInspect estimates bungalo.is to worth $1,203.48 USD. bungalo.is is most popular in Iceland.
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Traffic Rank 1,858,480
BackLinks 4
Daily visitors 60
Daily Pageview 192
Daily ads revenue $1.03
Yearly ads revenue $376.09
Worth $1,203.48
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Title Sumarbústaðir til leigu, Búngaló
Description Sumarbústaðir til leigu! Sumarhús og orlofshús út um allt land. Skráðu þinn sumarbústað til leigu, frítt að skrá bústaði. Vesturland, suðurland, austurland, norðurland og Vestfirðir á skrá.
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