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Title caledonian tech cables|NF C32070-2.3 CR1 C1 Fire retardant cables|BS 6387 CWZ fireproof cables|IEc60332 flame retardant wire
Description Caledonian tech Cables Ltd specialise in the manufacture of a wide range of cables iec60331 fire resistant cable,iec60332 flame retardant cable,pas bs 5308 instrumentation cables,bs7211,bs7846,bs5467 standard cables.
Keywords IEC 60331-21, BS 6387 CWZ fire cable, DIN VDE 0472-814(FE180), CEI 20-36/2-1, SS299-1 cable, NBN C 30-004 (cat. F3), NF C32070-2.3 CR1 Power & Control Cables, bs5308 Instrumention Cables, bs7629-1 silicone rubber cable, bs5389 Fire Alarm Cable, bs7211, bs5467, bs7846, bs6724, bs6004, bs6500 wire, iec60092, iec60502, vde0266, vde 0276, bs6622, bs7835 power cable, rg59, rg6, rg213, rg403 coaxial cables, water blocking tape fiber optic cables, rs485 signal cables, fireproof cat6 data cables, IEC 60331-21, BS 6387 CWZ wire, en50288-7, nek 606 cables, nek606 wire price

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