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ftc.br rank by Alexa is 104,086. ftc.br is estimated to have average of 1,428 unique users every day. ftc.br has 17,992 pageviews every day and it makes about $191.6 USD daily. WebInspect estimates ftc.br to worth $223,783.89 USD. ftc.br is most popular in Brazil.
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Traffic Rank 104,086
BackLinks 68
Daily visitors 1,428
Daily Pageview 17,992
Daily ads revenue $191.6
Yearly ads revenue $69,932.46
Worth $223,783.89
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Title Portal Rede FTC - In�cio
Description FTC (Faculdade de Tecnologia e Ci?ncias) - Salvador, Itabuna, Vit?ria da Conquista, Feira de Santana, Jequi? e Educa??o a Dist?ncia. Salvador: (71) 3254-6666 | Demais localidades: 0800.56.6666
Keywords FTC, IMES

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