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Title Gustavo Alavedra Audiovisual Director
Description Gustavo Alavedra Audiovisual Director dokumentti, elokuva, films, audiovisuaalinen, Latinalainen Amerikka DJ performances. Hola! Welcome to my home page. It is a pleasure for me to share with you my audiovisual professional work. Here you will find videos and pictures, as well as information about audiovisual services. Audiovisual production I offer a wide range of services: documentaries, DVD's, music video clips, promotion videos, advertisement videos, videos for companies, videos for internet, entertainment programs, sport videos, short fiction films, reportages, wedding videos, and other audiovisual projects that you are interest in. Please contact me for more details. DJ performances My hobby and job is to be a DJ in private parties in all Finland. I play Latin Music like samba, forró, funky carioca, lambada, salsa, merengue, cha-cha-cha, bachata, rumba, reggaeton, pachanga, cumbia, reggae, and international pop and disco hits. Just tell me your preferences and I will find the ri
Keywords Gustavo Alavedra Audiovisual Director DJ performances dokumentti, elokuva, films, audiovisuaalinen, Latinalainen Amerikka

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