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pikant.nl rank by Alexa is 3,403,722. pikant.nl is estimated to have average of 24 unique users every day. pikant.nl has 24 pageviews every day and it makes about $0.07 USD daily. WebInspect estimates pikant.nl to worth $84.1 USD.
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Traffic Rank 3,403,722
BackLinks 20
Daily visitors 24
Daily Pageview 24
Daily ads revenue $0.07
Yearly ads revenue $26.28
Worth $84.1
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Title Pikant - kom online winkelen bij de heetste erotiekwinkel van Nederland.
Description Online erotische producten winkelen bij de lingeriewinkel van Pikant, zoals dames lingerie, heren lingerie, toys voor mannen of vrouwen, vibrators, dildo's
Keywords Pikant, lingeriewinkel, dames lingerie, lingerie, toys, heren, dames, vibrators, dildo

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