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zik.com.ua rank by Alexa is 89,997. zik.com.ua is estimated to have average of 2,424 unique users every day. zik.com.ua has 7,029 pageviews every day and it makes about $35.91 USD daily. WebInspect estimates zik.com.ua to worth $41,942.72 USD. zik.com.ua is most popular in Ukraine, Italy, United States, and Poland.
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zik.com.ua Estimations

Traffic Rank 89,997
BackLinks 503
Daily visitors 2,424
Daily Pageview 7,029
Daily ads revenue $35.91
Yearly ads revenue $13,107.1
Worth $41,942.72
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Title ЗІК - Західна інформаційна корпорація

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