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xda-china.net rank by Alexa is 2,159,861. xda-china.net is estimated to have average of 132 unique users every day. xda-china.net has 145 pageviews every day and it makes about $0.46 USD daily. WebInspect estimates xda-china.net to worth $532.88 USD. xda-china.net is most popular in China.
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Traffic Rank 2,159,861
BackLinks 39
Daily visitors 132
Daily Pageview 145
Daily ads revenue $0.46
Yearly ads revenue $166.52
Worth $532.88
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Title XDA智能手机网 - XDA︱智能手机︱软件︱系统︱主题︱论坛︱智能手机游戏︱Android︱HTC︱rom刷机︱Windows mobile | Windows phone7
Description XDA?????????????????????Android??????Android??????????????????????Android??????????????????????????HTC?????ROM??? ,XDA ?????
Keywords Android?Windows mobile?Windows phone7?????????????????????HTC?rom?

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